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Hello, I am a geek of pokemon and an expert player in pokemon. I have modified this hardcore edition called PROFESSIONAL PLATINUM, created from the original platinum edition. The history will be same as the original platinum. I have increased the difficulty so much. I have played also kaizo editions (blue kaizo and crystal kaizo), of course, thanks to kaizo, it was a very grateful experience to play them (in the option "set" during the game). I have changed all trainers, gym leaders, your rival, team galaxy, the Elite Four, Cynthia, etc ... all trainers in the game have been modified. All pokemon have been "updated" (obviusly if a certain attack or ability or something exists in this generation) to seventh generation (for example, all dream worl abilities, Pelipper with the ability Drizzle; Torkoal and Ninetales with the ability drough; Gliscor with item toxic orb + ability poison heal; Cloyster with the ability skill link and with the attacks icilcle spear, rock blast and spike canon; Crawdaunt with adaptability; Quagsire with the ability unaware; etc...). In addition, I have improved all "too weak" pokemon changing their abilities or stat base or something. Besides, all pokemon will learn their best movements per level (including move tutors, egg moves and TM of ALL GENERATIONS). Besides, the game becomes more difficult than the previous generations due to the variety of the battle items (like focus sash, choice band, choice specs, life orb, toxic and flame orb, light clay, etc...). All these items will be obtained (of course, gym leaders, the Elite Four, Cynthia, leaders of team galaxy, etc... will use these items against you) so that the game will be more complex than previous generations. Obviusly all the Elite Four and Cynthia will be at level maximum (level 100).

But, I have seen (as an experienced player) that there are some things which can be improved in kaizo editions:

--> Trainer's pokemon in kaizo were at level more than 100, due to it the game is a bit unfair after Elite Four.
--> An espeon with sing and psywave at level more than 100 can defeat an umbreon, this is unfair too.
--> Gym leaders and the Elite Four use many items for healing their pokemon, due to it the game is a bit hard, not natural.
--> Gym leaders, the Elite Four and a lot of trainers use the movement hidden power grass, ice, etc... This is unfair too.
--> Gym leaders and the Elite Four lack of strategy, I mean, they are obviusly harder and stronger, but, They do not have a "good" strategy, they use only the strength of their pokemon individually.

For this reason, the most "important" trainers (above all gym leaders and the Elite Four) have a "hard strategy" (using the weather, the ability of their pokemon, reflect or light screen, stealth rock, etc...). So, I have used strong and hard strategies with most of these "important" trainers.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>IMPORTANT, READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I have created a text document for you, indicating all CHANGES (and the RULES) respect the original platinum edition, so, if I have not said anything about a certain pokemon or ability or something, use the information about the original platinum edition (wikidex, pokexperto, etc ...) for informing you about it.

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